10 September 2013

A small cottage in the Finnish forest

Next we headed a couple of hours north to stay in a cute little cottage in the middle of the Finnish forest.

We could go fishing, here is Margaret fishing from a rock while being hit on by random guys in boats.
Stand-off with a duck, they came by several times a day to get fed and would eat out of your hands.
A duck is inspecting the birch whips Matti made for the night's sauna. 
Iggy is working it.
Another day we went berry picking, there were wild raspberries, loganberries and heaps of blueberries.
Never play a Finnish drinking game, it doesn't really matter what you do, you'll have to drink.

And then Matti changed darts to knives just to make the weekend even more authentic Finnish.

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  1. the view is amazing! i bet you had a great time there <3

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