27 August 2013

The Confessions of a Bibliophile - The Fountainhead

This spring I read a classic from 1949: The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, and it is no doubt the most fascinating book I have read so far this year.

The novel is about Howard Roark, is an individualistic young architect who chooses to struggle in obscurity rather than compromise his artistic and personal vision. Rand stated that the primary theme of The Fountainhead was "individualism versus collectivism, not in politics but within a man's soul."
Rand used architecture as an analogy for her ideas regarding individualism, as it served to concretize her beliefs that the individual is of supreme value, she also states that selfishness, properly understood as ethical egoism, is a virtue.

Roark's buildings as described by Rand were mesmerizing and I later discovered that they were inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright who  were an outstanding architect well ahead of his time, below is Fallingwater, a residence designed designed in the 1930s.
Pics from Pinterest
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  1. Jag älskar Lempicka, konstnären till den andra bilden :)
    Tack för fina orden hos mig!
    Ha en härlig tisdag <3 Jennie

    1. Det var mer än vad jag visste, jag hittade den på Pinterest och jag älskar Art Deco så den var perfekt, Tack för tipset, nu ska jag undersöka henne närmare


  2. awesome and lovely post! enjoyed reading it :)
    would you like to follow each other on bloglovin?
    let me know :)
    - Janine


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