29 August 2013

Lisa's babyshower

My little brother is having a baby, it feels somewhat strange to say that. A Sunday afternoon in the beginning of August we had a babyshower for her in Helsingborg hosted by Emma.

 Havannah and her father were to evacuate the premises but she was happy anyway.
 All of a sudden, before most guests had arrived, Lisa showed up rather confused. My brother had told her they were going for dinner but all of a sudden he dropped her off, told her to go to Emma because he had to do something and just drove off.
 It is not easy to take your shoes off when you have a big belly, now she is almost due!
My brother will appreciate this picture because he wants a second child.
We had decided to have a theme for the shower which was 'high tea', so everyone was wearing pretty summer dresses. 

Scones and finger food, then cupcakes and macaroons.

Then time for presents, they did not want to know the sex of their child so they got plenty of blankets and other practical gifts. 

It was a nice summer evening, and  I am glad she was happy with her shower, it is still a rather new concept her in Scandinavia, but we are skipping the baby games.

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