19 March 2013

The Confessions of a Bibliophile - Anna Karenina

I have already mentioned how much I enjoy the Russian classics and as a new film based on Anna Karenina was on its way I thought it was time to revisit this beloved tragedy about the socialite Anna Karenina and her love affair with Count Vronsky. 
The story is especially interesting due to the illustration of the different treatment of men and women, in the start of the book Anna Karenina arrives in the midst of a family broken up by her brother's womanising, and Anna is later treated with much less tolerance by others compared to her brother. Anna is shunned, becoming further isolated and anxious, while her lover Vronsky is free to pursue his social life.

If you have not read the book I would highly recommend it, and I am yet to find a film that gives it justice. I watched Anna Karenina on the flight on my way home from California, I must admit I am not a fan of Joe Wright although this was one of his better attempts at a classic. Jude Law and Keira Knightley were excellent, but my favourite part of the film was still the sartorial aspects and the Oscar for Best Costume was well deserved.

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