05 February 2013

Shopping in the States

It took me quite some time to go through the whole trip to the States, and I realized that I have displayed very few of my bargains from California.

First of all, all the shoes!

Clockwise from top left Miu Miu Sandals, Prada boots, sandals from L.A.M.B. and two pairs of Converse.
And of course the Miu Miu boots as previously shown on the blog.
Secondly, stripes stripes and yet more stripes!
Turtleneck from American Apparel, maxi-dress from American Apparel that I got plenty of use for during our trip, and this summer I will wear it with a wide leather belt. And a striped top from Ralph Polo Lauren as well as a tennis dress.

And finally, some vintage:

Chandelier ear clips from the 50's bought in San Fransisco together with a Givenchy necklace from the 80's, if you look very closely I am wearing the formerly in the first photo. A brocade dress from the 50's that I am planning to wear this spring/summer and my dress for the childhood party that unfortunately broke on the dance floor.
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  1. oh god, the shoes are all so amazing!!

    Drawing Dreaming

  2. alltså skodrömmen! underbara. hade med mig fem par hem jag med sist jag var i usa : )

  3. Det spilldes en hel del vin på den också, stackars klänning! Älskar sandalerna från LAMB.


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