09 February 2013


As always everyone seems to think I am French, people ask me for directions, locals comes up to speak to me and tourists  talk about me in English right next to me thinking I will not understand them. However, I take it as a great compliment as I would rather be Parisian chic than Scandinavian cool.

I want to apologise for the bad photos, my beloved and trusted photographer Mr. is in the Alps snowboarding. I am doing my best taking photos, unfortunately I was not able to turn the flash off for the self-portrait above so I will have to consult him about that.

The first day in Paris I was wearing a dress from Zara, my new Prada boots and a spring coat, so nice with warmer weather!
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  1. Enjoy your stay in Paris!

    It will be amazing if you come into my blog and maybe follow us if you like it ?

    Hope to see you on it !


    Emily from Pretty Tiny Things

  2. Haller verkligen med om att du ska ta det som en komplimang! :)

    Sv: jag trodde det var confirmed at H&M kommer till Oz men nar jag googlade var detta det basta jag kunde hitta: http://www.harpersbazaar.com.au/fashion/hm-is-coming-to-australia.htm


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