04 February 2013

Monday blues

We have been lying home sick all weekend, I decided to stay home from work and I have at least moved from the bed to the couch so that's some progress. I am trying to cure myself with sparkling water and icecream with salted peanuts, such an addictive combination.

My apologies for the photos, trying to practice with the camera as I will be in Paris without my trusted photographer in a couple of days.

On another note, the sales are still on, and last week I found this cover for my iPad from P.A.P. I love their design and when I did stumble upon it marked down 70% I could not help but buying it.
I have just recently realised how convenient it is to carry my news paper, several fashion magazines and a book in just one piece. I have started to carry it around daily so finally I am getting some use out of it.
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1 comment:

  1. De gör så snygga fodral! Har också tittat på dem en hel del..


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