14 January 2013


We were heading over the boarder to visit a friend in Mexico, unfortunately it seems that Mexico is a bit of a gap in modern gps systems and we were lost in spite of three Ipads and the car's navigation system and driving around 6 people in a tiny golf for hours.
We changed strategy and went to a restaurant and had our friends find us instead.

They did, and we headed to Puerto Nuevo for lobsters and pitchers of Margarita.
 I, Ryan and Trine.
My handsome husband.

The social difference of the short drive between San Diego and Tijuana is shocking and the sight of the heavily guarded wall between the two countries felt so unreal. 
In the line to get back into USA there where heaps of sellers as well as entertainers, obviously this line can take up to five hours on a bad day and some people are commuting to their work through this!
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