19 January 2013

The Confessions of a Bibliophile – Mo Yan

As I might have mentioned before, I am attempting to work my way through all laureates of the Nobel Prize in Literature and while in the States I read the 2012 winner Mo Yan’s book Red Sorghum Clan (eller Det Röda Fältet som den heter på svenska).
The novel non-chronologically tells the story of three generations of a family between the turbulent years of 1923 and 1976.
Mo Yan left school already at an age of 11 during the cultural revolution but displays an amazing grasp of language (I assume judging from the translations). The language is brutal and raw yet poetic, the story is told in a slightly hallucinatory manner.
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  1. Anonymous18:50

    What a great idea! Sounds like a fascinating read :)



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