05 January 2013

San Fransisco - Saturday

An interesting thing with San Fransisco is the feeling of having walked right into Portlandia, I love that show and arriving at this brunch place Saturday morning only reaffirmed that notion.
Instead we went to Pier 39 for a greasy seafood breakfast, which was just what we needed.

The Alcatraz, sadly Ted did not make it over there this time.

We met up with a local, Joanne, who brought us past the Palace of Fine Arts in San Fransisco. This amazing building was obviously built in perishable materials for a temporary exhibition but was later transformed into a permanent fixture.

And of course, we had to cross the Golden Gate bridge and make sure to catch some views from the other side.

And lastly we drove down Lombard Street after dropping Joanne off. That was San Fransisco, it was good enough to make me want to return, and should I ever move to California this would be the place.
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