11 January 2013

Party in Encinitas

Friday we were going to a party in Encinitas where you were supposed to dress like you did as a child and bring photographic evidence. We were not prepared for this so it's lucky there's Facebook for old photos and thrift-stores for clothes.
Great looking people fueling up on coffee before hitting the thrift-stores.
Love the retro design of this store, and please notice the colours, they seem rather patriotic in Carlsbad.
The Swedes' outfits.

Ted doing the "crab-dance" while I am censoring his tiny shorts with my bag.
Filling up on very meaty burritos before the party.
 My cousin Hannah and I.
Women dressed like small girls and Adam in a wig.

Adults in diapers on the dancefloor, not a common sight (hopefully).

The reason why Adam had a very sore arm playing golf a couple days later although at first it was a bit of a mystery to him.

Ted doing the crab-dance once again, this time half-naked. 
Then we all stayed at Matti and Margaret's place, and they looked very handsome even at this late hour.
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  1. men åå, ser så himla bra och kul ut!

  2. Haha, vilken hemsk bild på mig!! Haha, och Teds dansmoves är bäst! Jag tror han har hittat sin grej där.

    1. Det är det ju inte alls! men om du verkligen inte gillar den kan jag ta bort den, säg bara till. och ja, kul att Ted inte har något emot att jag lägger ut halvnakna bilder av honom på nätet, istället kopierar han dem och lägger ut dem på FB ;)

  3. Looks like the party got very interesting :)

    Nike O.


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