23 January 2013

Isela and Jonathan's wedding

On the last Saturday we were going to Temecula for Isela and Jonathan's wedding party, the wedding itself had taken place in San Fransisco on the 17 December at a private ceremony, so this was the party celebrating their wedding.

After us all getting ready, from left: Mr. and Mrs. Advocat, Robin and Eric, Emanuel and Jorge and our wonderful hosts Margaret and Matti.
All the handsome men.
Jill and us, miss you!
Emanuel looking all serious.
Beautiful Margaret who was wearing an absolutely stunning, backless dress from Acne.
The blushing bride, lovely Isela.
Isela with her groom, Jonathan.
Gorgeous Trine with her camera, just as we are used to seeing her.
 And the dancing begins.
The groom on the dance floor...
while his brother Jared is manning the guitar.
 Some great looking people.

Mr. Mick and Jonathan.
Trine, Mr. and I.

I ended up wearing my dress from Acne, necklace and earrings from Marni at H&M and my new Prada shoes, although I will have to show them later as they are not in picture.

Jonathan taking the leap.

When the wedding closed down we went to a Western bar, which turned out to be the ultimate, American experience, but more about that tomorrow.
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  1. men vad kuul. och så fin du är!
    som det ser ut nu bokar jag en lite annan resa imorrn än jag hade tänkt, med mexico city som enda mexico-destination. känns fint ändå!

  2. Looks like a beautiful night :)
    Piper x


  3. Looks like an unforgettable evening with an unforgettable group of people. Cheers!


  4. Anonymous18:13

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  5. Anonymous20:46

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  6. Cute photos! Looks like a fun night!



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