28 January 2013

Last day in California

It is hard to believe that we have only been home for three weeks as it feels like it has already been a long time back with work, the cold and boring everyday tasks.
We headed out for brunch in San Diego on Starlite which had great food and drinks, it felt so strange it was the last day!
The brunch seemed much needed for some.
 Memories, miss you guys!
 Next they took us past La Jolla to see the coast line and the cute seals.

In the afternoon everyone came to see us off and we had a small party, so great that we got to see everyone again and say goodbye properly. Flights late at night is actually not a bad thing.

And Mick's little mate Iggi, we miss those kids!
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27 January 2013


We had so much fun planned this weekend, my brother and my niece were coming by and good friends from Denmark were to come visit. 
Instead I have spent most of the weekend in bed, drinking tea and reading with an annoying cold. I was also supposed to go to the hairdresser yesterday which is badly needed but my hairdresser was ill as well.

At least I have Mr. and Frank to keep me company, here's some before and after photos of her bath the other weekend.
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24 January 2013

Partying with cowboys

When the wedding closed down we went to a cowboy bar called The Stampede and it was quite an experience.

First of all the dancing, everyone was dancing line dance in coordinated fashion and displayed an impressive talent in remembering the steps to each song.

We did our best to follow along in the dancing, please note Isela still in her wedding dress. Trine was very popular and had to fight the cowboys off.

Margaret is not giving up, she had forgotten her ID and had to sneak in, was busted and ended up using Miriam's ID so it all worked out in the end.

 Mr. riding the electric bull in a nice Tiger of Sweden three-piece suit and Lanvin at H&M shoes, such a great sight.
My turn, it was fun and I did no tear my dress luckily.
And Isela! And even more luckily she did not tear her wedding dress, love that she had the boots to match the bar!
Next the people who braved the bull once it was stationary:
And Jonathan.
 And then we were thrown out as the bar was closing, please note the drawings in the background and the amount of cowboy hats and denim.
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23 January 2013

Isela and Jonathan's wedding

On the last Saturday we were going to Temecula for Isela and Jonathan's wedding party, the wedding itself had taken place in San Fransisco on the 17 December at a private ceremony, so this was the party celebrating their wedding.

After us all getting ready, from left: Mr. and Mrs. Advocat, Robin and Eric, Emanuel and Jorge and our wonderful hosts Margaret and Matti.
All the handsome men.
Jill and us, miss you!
Emanuel looking all serious.
Beautiful Margaret who was wearing an absolutely stunning, backless dress from Acne.
The blushing bride, lovely Isela.
Isela with her groom, Jonathan.
Gorgeous Trine with her camera, just as we are used to seeing her.
 And the dancing begins.
The groom on the dance floor...
while his brother Jared is manning the guitar.
 Some great looking people.

Mr. Mick and Jonathan.
Trine, Mr. and I.

I ended up wearing my dress from Acne, necklace and earrings from Marni at H&M and my new Prada shoes, although I will have to show them later as they are not in picture.

Jonathan taking the leap.

When the wedding closed down we went to a Western bar, which turned out to be the ultimate, American experience, but more about that tomorrow.
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