13 December 2012

The Confessions of a Bibliophile – War and Peace

I did it! I finished War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy last week, although it took me long enough as I started this book already in August during our vacation but I guess it was due to me constantly reading several books as previously mentioned here.
It is definitely worth reading, and in spite of Tolstoy's inaccuracies I still learnt a lot about the Napoleonic wars and the Russian society during the Tsarist period. I must admit that I do prefer chapters regarding intrigues and events of society to strategies and battles of the war. And whether in peace or in war I found Count Pierre Bezukhov's soliloquies rather interesting.
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  1. I love Tolstoy! My fav book by him is Anna Karenina and no it is not because there is a movie coming out. I have that book since I am 15!
    Good to know other young ppl thinks reading books is cool too

    1. I love Anna Karenina! I am actually just about to read it yet another time!


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