09 November 2012

The Confessions of a Bibliophile: Jonathan Safran Foer

Obviously my mother was a bit shocked about the gif in my last post, so I will keep this one very innocent and write about an author I quite enjoy reading.
I first read Everything Is Illuminated in Swedish back in 2003 and I have read it two or even three times in English. I was either crying or laughing, the letters from Alex are so cleverly written and the stories about the shetl are captivating and rather bizarre.
I can never remember the proper title of this book, even if I have read this one three times, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close is written from the perspective of 10 year old Oscar, whos perceptive and reasoning is both relatable and outlandish.
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  1. Anonymous18:01

    Älskar din blogg gumman! Får man kanske låna böckerna efter dig? Blev nyfiken... Saknar er Kram Emma

    1. Tack, har bara varit lite dålig att blogga de senaste veckorna, blir ju lätt så när man bara går hemma och återhämtar sig. Jag ska definitivt ta med böckerna nästa gång vi ses, de är läsvärda

  2. I honestly wish I had time to read more, especially contemporary literature. Everything I read has pictures in it and dates pre- 19th century.

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