02 November 2012

Keeping busy

The weekend went past so quickly amidst dinners and socialising, and Monday our friend Justin arrived. As yet another expatriated Australian living in Thailand he was actually quite enjoying the cold, which seems so odd to us Scandinavians.
Now it is time for warm scarfs and hats.
Photos from a walk in Slottsparken, still beautifully covered in autumn leafs. 

And yet another delicious meal from SMAK, an amazing pollock with artichoke, love their lunches.
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  1. i LOVE your look! You look so comfortable, and I love the addition of the red scarf (and of course, the purse is to die for).

    Regarding your post about the Lieber award, it says for blogs under 200 followers. I have slightly more than that, does that still count? Let me know!


    1. Hi foxy roxy! I don't know, at the time you had 50-60 followers on Bloglovin and that was what I based it on (amazing considering you had launched your blog just a couple of days earlier!), so why not do it and state that at the time you fulfilled that criteria so you can pass it on to other bloggers?

  2. eveyrthings seems to be perdect here.

  3. Ah vilken snygg hat!

    Sv: Jadu kopstoppet den har gangen holl i en dag :S Lite daligt. Brukar forsoka halla mig fran att kopa klader i nagra veckor. Och att overhuvudtaget kopa mer fran ebay och pa second-hand - det kanns battre an att bara kopa massa nytt!

  4. Thanks Amanda and Mister for a wonderful (albeit brief) taste of Malmo and Copenhagen!!

    1. Thanks for coming Justin! and you can call him Mick/Michael, just started calling him Mr. as I am Mrs. :)

      Are you still in Helsinki?


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