13 October 2012

Sweatshirt hype

Every season there seems to be an item that is hyped beyond my understanding, and this season is definitely the sweatshirt from Kenzo. I have heard it is sold out everywhere but to me it seems crazy to spend over 5000 SEK on a sweatshirt that likely everyone will have seen to exhaustion in a couple of months.
Pic: Stockholm Streetstyle
I know fashion is subjective, so any other thoughts?

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  1. I'm not a huge fan of that and I haven't seen anyone wear that in London, I like the way she's styled it though!

  2. I actually have a post written about this (which I will publish soon) sharing your sentiments. I mean, it's a freaking sweatshirt with a picture of a tiger. It's not made out of gold. The price tag is ridiculous. Fashion bandwagon at it's finest.

    Great blog you have here, though. Would you like to follow each other?


  3. Jag haller med dig. Har sett dem men visste inte att de kostade 5000sek! Skulle jag nagonsin lagga sa mkt pengar pa ett plagg sa hade jag lagt det pa nagot mer klassiskt ar en mystroja som, som du sa, kommer kannas omodern valdigt snart. Men for de som har pengar sa handlar det val ofta om just att visa att de har rad att kopa det allra senaste, aven om de bara kommer att anvanda det ett fatal ganger


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