08 October 2012


Surströmming is something all Swedes have heard of, but few have tried it. It is basically fermented herring that was discovered by accident one day during a salt shortage when the salted herring started fermenting. As the fermenting process produces a lot of methane, it is infamous for its smell, but it is a salty and lovely.
I love the old fashioned design of the cans, in order to contain the smell they are opened under water.
This dish is typically only eaten by people from the Northern part of Sweden and we had collected three of us, there was Louise and her American husband Ari.
Björn and his Norwegian girlfriend Kesia.
British Ashley, although he had tried it once before. Then I and Mr. who is to be considered a veteran after over 8 years in Scandinavia and married into my family.
The fish.
It is eaten on thin bread with sour cream, red onion and almond potatoes.
Of course accompanied by beer and schnaps, and in Sweden you sing before you drink, that's the tradition.
Ari and Ashley hesitantly trying to sing along.
Some people were more excited by the desert, poor foreigners!

 The night was full of animated conversations around the dining table.
And Frank was very cuddly and friendly, guess fermented fish is good for her.

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  1. Qué fotos tan bonitas!!!
    Un beso.


  2. I have never heard of this kind of food, i am not sure I really understood what it is but It looks yummy!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

    1. Good you think so, I know they are exporting it to Italy and Japan, guess it is a particular taste that only fits those palettes.


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