16 October 2012

Liebster Award

I was curious to see that pretty Juliette from Lavish Fiends had nominated me for a Liebster award, which I just discovered is an award to promote blogs with less than 200 followers, thank you!

I also took the liberty of copying the rules for participation from Juliette's blog:
1. Tell 7 things about yourself.
2. Answer 11 questions you have been asked by the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate 7 bloggers for the award (by posting a comment for example).
4. Mention on your article the blogger who nominated you, the bloggers you chose to nominate and the 11 questions you want your nominees to answer.

7 things about myself:
1. I live in Sweden and I love all seasons, even winter, just not here in the south where it barely snows so I get so happy when it does.
2. I have been married for 8 (!) years next month but we are not planning to have children, our cranky bunny Frank is enough for us.
3. I have turned our guestroom into my walk in closet, which makes me feel like a shopaholic, but I make sure to wear all my clothes.
4. I love wearing heels even if I am 180 cm tall, and as I tend not to like the average heel height I usually end up with 4-5 inches.
5. I am an avid reader and a bibliophile so I am constantly running out of bookshelves, luckily I have a couple of extra shelves in the office.
6. I love baking and cooking, right now I am mostly into cooking French food and pastries.
7. I have a severe phobia about broken teeth, I can handle going to the dentist but I have nightmares about having cavities!

7 Questions from Juliette:

I/ What does your blog represent to you ?
My blog is an outlet, a way to share my interest with like-minded and get inspired by other bloggers. Especially with a boring day-job the blog is a welcome respite.

II/ Are you more of a “visual" blog or “textual“ blog ?
Visual definitely, I barely read texts on blogs myself but are mostly looking at photos, so I keep the text to a minimum.

III/ Where do you get your inspiration from ?
I read a lot, and that gets my imagination started and I love old films! otherwise there's of course Elle, Lula and fellow bloggers.
IV/ How would you define your style ?
It is hard to put a label on my style as it is a bit eclectic, but I hope I can say colourful chic?
V/ What type of readers are you targeting ?
I am not targeting anyone per se, just anyone who's interested in my posts. It is also a good way to keep in touch with friends and family all over the world, and my mum loves that she can keep track of me easily.

VI/ Who are your favorite models or fashion icons ?
I guess it is a bit of a cliche, but Elsa Schiaparelli and Coco Chanel, even if they hated each other. For contemporary persons I would say Elisa Nalin.

VII/ What is the handbag of your dreams ?
I just got my jumbo Chanel 2.55 a couple of months ago which I love dearly, and if I am dreaming why not say a Birkin bag in a bright colour!

My Seven Nominees:

Linnéa i USA
The Swedish Girl
Pretty in Pink
The Haute Heel
Rox the Fox
Swede Dreams in LA
Mitt Liv i Oz

Eleven Questions to Said Nominees:

1. Why did you decide to start a blog?
2. What do you do for a living, and what do you wish you were doing?
3. Where do you live and where do you wish you were living?
4. Favourite designer(s)?
5. Favourite author(s)?
6. Favourite travel destination(s)?
7. Favourite pair of shoes?
8. Favourite item in your wardrobe?
9. Where do you go/what do you do for inspiration?
10. How would you describe your style?
11. Describe a perfect day.
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  1. fin du var på bilden!

  2. Yeah, I hear you on the broken teeth! I was on vacation and all of the sudden, more than half of my tooth just chipped off (it actually looked like I lost a tooth). I am now paranoid of broken teeth. Thank you so much for nominating me, it is such a compliment coming from you. Will blog about this tomorrow :)


    1. I know, a woman warned me about grinding teeth to, she had woken up one morning and it felt like she had gravel in her month, turned out she bitten off 7 teeth in her sleep!

  3. Must be so nice to be nominated,
    good luck!

    Kyss fra Norge,

  4. Congrats on the award!!!It's good to get to know you better!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  5. Tack!! Svårt att nominera 7 bloggare tycker jag. Läser inte så många små bloggar tyvärr. Hur vet man att de har under 200 följare?

    1. Jag gick bara ut från vad som stod på bloglovin, men det har du ju säkert koll på nu eftersom du är färdig...

  6. Så, nu har jag gjort det jag med!

  7. Åh tack snälla!

    Herre vad rolig läsning det var. Känns som fick en liten glimt in i ditt innersta. Du verkar så varm och genuin.
    Okej, jag ska göra mitt bästa för att svara på frågorna. Stay tuned.


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