18 September 2012


In between my grandfathers funeral last Monday, the subsequent paperwork, a horrible cold and the stress at work the blog has been slightly neglected but changes are coming.

In the meantime I would like to share some photos from beautiful Northern Sweden and my wonderful family.

Grandma and all cousins and their offspring, as I said, I have a large family.
Sweet Natalie and little Gaja. 
My handsome brother.
Some newlyweds.  
Sweet grandmother with her children. 
Quirky mum and grandmother.
The next generation, my cousins' children.

Welcome to Northern Sweden where you can find moose legs lying around in the forest, at least Booby, yet another brother's dog, appreciated it.
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  1. ewwwwwwwwwwwww: the moose leg! I can see that the dog appreciated the find!

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  2. Im sorry about your grandfather!!! Hope all is well and my condolences to your family.

    LOVE the dog but the moose leg NOT!!! LOL LOL

    Hope you feel better doll

    Do you want to follow each other???

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  3. Condolence to you and your family.
    You've got a nice place. The surroundings were all beautiful!

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  4. nice photos!
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  5. Tjena Kusin!
    Skulle du kunna emaila mig en kopia av bilden med hela familjen i bättre kvalite? Skulle vilja se om jag känner igen folk :D


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