01 September 2012


After a short stop in San Sebastián to bulk up on olive oil and sausages from Spain we went to the French Atlantic coast. We wanted to have a look at the old resort Biarritz but unfortunately it was impossible to find a parking spot so that will have to wait till another time.
Instead we went north to Hossegor, a village who's whole economy must be based on surfing as there was nothing there but restaurants, bars and surf shops.
We had  great moules cooked in lots of garlic and butter while I was trying to locate the hotel we had just booked.
Mr. was excited to get into the water again, as we would now head inland it was unfortunately his last opportunity for now.
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  1. Lovely pictures, and really delicious food :-)


  2. Beautiful photos! Love your blog xx


  3. Ooohhh de dar musslorna ser goda ut...


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