27 September 2012

Dark Thursday

I am off to a doctors appointment in Denmark and by now in Scandinavia it is dark still in the morning, and it is always a comfort that it will get even darker from here.
I am wearing a skirt from H&M in organic cotton that I bought on sale 3 years ago, love all the pleats and folds on the front, although I hope it will not give you a migraine.

I found this vintage cape in Helsingborg the day before we went to the funeral, it is made of wool and lined with silk so it is surprisingly warm and I don't believe I have ever received as many compliments for any piece of garment as I have for this one.

And yes, I love hats! and due to its wide brim this one works also as an umbrella, which is practical as this autumn is raining away. Just realised I forgot to put on my earrings, but you saw them on Monday anyway so please just add some bling on my ears and I am done.
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  1. Love the outfits! it is always dark there? Could you please consider following each other? www.shineonbyandrea.blogspot.com Twitter:@shineonbyandrea


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