10 September 2012

Champagne Part 2

We wanted to visit a champagne museum/cellar in Avize that was closed, but fortunately there was no lack of cellars that offered champagne samplings and 'cellar-door-prices'.
Next we went to Hautvillers, the home town of Dom Pérignon for lunch and a stroll while we waited for the siesta to be over.
Two flutes of lovely champagne and a plate of local specialties for lunch, it just doesn't get better than that. Please note the gigantic macaroon, due to the inflation of macaroons on blogs this will be the only one pictured even if I was eating them with breakfast, lunch and dinner while in Champagne, I love France!
After lunch we went back to Azize to visit the high school of champagne making, it was empty except for the head master who took time to sample the champagnes with him and also gave us a grand tour of the production facilities as well as the amazing wine cellar. The champagne of the school, Sanger, was the best we had in all of Champagne and to drink it together with a man so passionate about his trade was indeed quite an experience.

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  1. Love,loooove it!!Great post honey!;)


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