29 September 2012

Busy Friday

Yesterday was busy and odd at times, after a relaxed morning Louise came over after lunch. I was teaching her to bake macaroons and we made three batches for a cocktail party next day.

A package arrived during the afternoon, it was out outfits for the Oktoberfest in two weeks, I love them!

Mr. fired up the barbecue to grill our steaks, but we forgot to account for the dark nights which makes the lighting of the barbecue so much more dramatic and someone called the fire brigade and all of a sudden there were three ambulances and several fire trucks outside of us, it was surreal!

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27 September 2012

Dark Thursday

I am off to a doctors appointment in Denmark and by now in Scandinavia it is dark still in the morning, and it is always a comfort that it will get even darker from here.
I am wearing a skirt from H&M in organic cotton that I bought on sale 3 years ago, love all the pleats and folds on the front, although I hope it will not give you a migraine.

I found this vintage cape in Helsingborg the day before we went to the funeral, it is made of wool and lined with silk so it is surprisingly warm and I don't believe I have ever received as many compliments for any piece of garment as I have for this one.

And yes, I love hats! and due to its wide brim this one works also as an umbrella, which is practical as this autumn is raining away. Just realised I forgot to put on my earrings, but you saw them on Monday anyway so please just add some bling on my ears and I am done.
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26 September 2012


I love streetstyle photography and one of my favourites is Stockholm Streetstyle, not that they are much in Stockholm these days but they are covering all fashion weeks and are filled with fashionistas and models. And my absolute favourite is Elisa Nalin, and Italian-born stylist based in Paris, her use of colour and pattern is amazing.
 Pics: http://carolinesmode.com/stockholmstreetstyle/

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25 September 2012

Comfy Tuesday

Second day off, I have been to the gym and just got dressed, got a busy day planned consisting of doing the laundry, cooking and making photo albums.
I am spending the day in a dress I just received from Sugarlips, very comfortable and I like the neon detail around the collar and cleavage. Dresses I usually just wear with accessories, today chandelier earrings from H&M and the ring Mr. got me from YSL in Paris. 

And yes, I wear make up at home when I am alone, not that I mind leaving the house without make up but it just adds some glamour to my day.
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24 September 2012


I am afraid this is no outfit post as planned, since I could not figure out the timer on the camera this morning. Luckily I had plenty of time to figure it out as I am taking some time off work, yey!

I had a great first day off, went for a run, baked macaroons to bring to Louise, did some phone calls and wrote some e-mails that was overdue and finally got around to sort out my closet and home office.

I am so excited about the time on my hands and am making so many plans so bear with me, regular updates will follow from now on.
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18 September 2012


In between my grandfathers funeral last Monday, the subsequent paperwork, a horrible cold and the stress at work the blog has been slightly neglected but changes are coming.

In the meantime I would like to share some photos from beautiful Northern Sweden and my wonderful family.

Grandma and all cousins and their offspring, as I said, I have a large family.
Sweet Natalie and little Gaja. 
My handsome brother.
Some newlyweds.  
Sweet grandmother with her children. 
Quirky mum and grandmother.
The next generation, my cousins' children.

Welcome to Northern Sweden where you can find moose legs lying around in the forest, at least Booby, yet another brother's dog, appreciated it.
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12 September 2012

On Instagram lately

 Double rainbnow early in the morning.
 Old sign at my work warning for horse driven carriages. 
 Savouring being done with work before holiday with rosé and Elle on the balcony.
Taking photos of Frank so we would have something to remember her by, although it looks like Mr. is taking photos of her butt.
 Photos of a French supermarket’s seafood selection for my seafood-crazed father.
 Capturing what Mr. has looked like the whole trip due to my blog needing photos.
Beautiful Lisbon!
Another seafood dinner captured for my father.
What a restaurant bill looks like in Portugal.
Nice accessories at Chateau Chambord
Our Champagne lunch
My gorgeous husband <3
I wish every supermarket looked like this!
The beautiful landscape in Champagne
Welcome back to Scandinavia
 Showing off my new bling x 2
For a friend who mentioned Margaret Thatcher as her style icon.
Weird sign at the train station in Malmö, no fun.
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