20 August 2012

Zarautz and Getaria

We were not interested in spending another beautiful day stuck in the car and Mr. had been self-sacrificing enough to offer to drive through the night instead so we spent Wednesday in the smaller villages of the Basque coast. First several hours on the beach of Zarautz playing in the waves and after that to Getaria for something to eat.

A poor mangy cat that still I still found quite cure somehow, wonder if he would get along with Frank.

Unfortunately we had missed lunch and as we were starving already by 5 pm we started to have a look what was around and discovered that no restaurant would serve food before 8 pm and felt very Scandinavian, we obviously needs to get into the Continental rhythm.

Louise and Ari are getting very excited about the prospect of food in only another hour and comparing tans.

And finally, lots of fish and seafood!

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