07 August 2012

Lyon part 2

We headed down the hill to find a Lyonnais bouchon, this obviously means bottle neck or traffic jam in the rest of France (the latter we got to experience later) but in Lyon it is a bistro and we found one in Vieux Lyon were we ate a lovely lunch.

Next we walked around town and did some window shopping areond rue due Brest, we had decided to not go past Monaco and Nice after all, so to my disappointment I will have to order my YSL Arty ring online after all as Lyon had stores such as Louis Vuitton and Hérmes but not Yves Saint Laurent.

We went past Les Halles de Lyon, it was a wonderful market and we picked up vegetables, cheeses, baguette, macaroons and sausages for dinner and left to find a camping site.

It took us a while to get settled the first night, but I believe we got a rather comfortable camp at the end and we enjoyed a delicious dinner before going to bed early to get some long awaited sleep.

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  1. Anonymous00:42

    Love all the blue colors! And I must say, I adore your hair!


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