21 August 2012

Lisboa Part 1

Mr. and I first visited Lisbon during our inter-rail four years ago and instantly fell in love with the city. It is hard to put it in words, but Lisbon has charm and atmosphere like no other European city we visited and this would be our forth visit. I love the colour, the narrow winding streets and the hills, the tile covered houses and the feeling of going back in time.

We walked to Barrio Alto and made a pit-stop at one of the many bars for delicious sangria and drinks and had our aperitifs walking around Barrio Alto and enjoying the views.

We stopped at a quaint little wine bar where they served amazing food for very little money and the waiters knew how to pick tasty wine to go with their food, it was a delicious steal.

Barrio Alto and Baixa really comes alive at night.

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  1. Jamen hallå tillbaka! Vet inte när du skrev kommentaren men jag sköter tydligen inte min blogg så bra längre...


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