31 August 2012


Early Sunday morning we started our journey back to Scandinavia, we wanted to visit Galicia but on the other hand we did not want to spend longer time than absolutely necessary in the car. As we did not make it past Bilbao while in San Sebastián we decided to make this our stop in order to visit the Guggenheim Museum.
I have wished to visit this museum of modern art for years, although as much as I love art I must admitt more for the architechture of the Museum than anything else. It was designed by Frank Gehry and opened in 1997.
My favourite exhibition was The Matter of Time by Richard Serra which was somewhere inbetween architechture, sculpture and instalation.

And of course the iconic Puppy by Jeff Koons in front of the museum
 My apologies for the amount of photos, but the building is too amazing not to.
Next day we were off to France, more of that later!
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30 August 2012


Friday morning we continued north, stopped for lunch in lovely Viana do Castelo which was buzzing with excitement over the Festival of Our Lady of Sorrows - Romariade Nossa Senhora d'Agonia. We just stocked up on groceries and continued up the coast to find a nice beach and ended up in Caminha, the last  village on the Portuguese Atlantic coast and we could see a hint of Spain on the other side of the Minho river.

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29 August 2012

Praia de Mira

We continued our journey on the small, coastal roads after our lunch in Óbidos and continued north. The road was abanded and full of potholes, we were happy to be driving a fourwheel-driven car considering the state of the road, but Mr. found it rather amusing that he kept expecting kangaroos as the landscape reminded him so much of Australia.

The beaches felt so empty compared to those recently visited in San Sebastián and Cascais.

We set up camp in Praia de Mira, which turned out to be slightly more happening than we had expected. It was supposed to be an old fishing village, but seemed to have boomed just a couple of years ago given the number of newly built houses.

We were just happy to finally be able to dry our wet clothes from after the storm and for Mr. to finally get into the water for some more surfing. The storm had created more swell, but unfortunately it had also moved the banks so it was a bit 'messy'.
You can tell it was I who took those photos, and Mr. will hate that I posted those of him surfing!
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28 August 2012


After the stormy night, we were happy to pack up and leave for new adventures, luckily the weather improved and when we an hour later arrived in the medieval town of Óbidos the sun was shining.

Óbidos was a Moorish settlement and was after their abandonment made into a town and given as a wedding gift by the king Dom Dinis to his queen Dona Isabel in 1228.

The historic centre is a labyrinth of cobblestoned streets and whitewashed houses with details in vivid blue and yellow.

We walked round half the town on top of the wall, dating back to the Moorish times and one had to watch ones step closely as there were no fences, it made me a bit nervous as I am rather clumsy.
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