30 July 2012

I love Fridays

Friday was gorgeous so we decided to go out eating and meet up with some friends so we decided to try Grand Öl & Mat that opened recently.

That I was tired is rather obvious on the picture above, but at least I had the chance to wear my red silk dress from Designer's Remix that has been hanging in my closet for about 8 months, love the bow on the front and I thought it looked good together with my beloved Chanel bag.
I can recommend the mussels, so yummy!
Regular source of amusement during the summer, trying on each others sunglasses! I thought Louise looked great in Mr.'s and mine suited Ari, especially with his outfit.
En route to our apartment for after dinner cocktails, it was a lovely evening but I was so tired around midnight I went to bed in spite of us having guests, but we will be see much more of those guys on our European road trip.
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