16 July 2012

Home sick

The weekend has been hectic as usual, Mr. has been working overtime all weekend and I have been holding the fort at home. We had friends over, planned our summer holiday and felt sick and tired. 
Today I am home sick from work and have started some DIY projects from bed, as I am no longer able to wear earrings so I am doing my best to turn them into clip-earrings instead.

My bijouterie storage currently consists of deer horns and an Ittala bowl on my dresser, but at least I have sorted out enough earrings to make it work.

Let's hope my DIY works out so I will get more options as I have really missed earrings as an accessory. Ear-clips more or less limits one to vintage, which is lovely but slightly limiting, although I love this lovely pair I found in Copenhagen last week. My favourite necklace from Mafia broke a couple of months ago, and Mr. had the idea of fixing it y hanging the teeth on a safety pin, however, I am not sure if the mix of steel and bronze but he liked the punky look, any thoughts?

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