31 July 2012


A good thing with a pet is that nothing goes to waste, when making salad we usually have Frank eagerly waiting by our feet for stalks and other pieces we do not eat.
And as seen below, a dried up bouquet of flower is a tasty treat.

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30 July 2012

I love Fridays

Friday was gorgeous so we decided to go out eating and meet up with some friends so we decided to try Grand Öl & Mat that opened recently.

That I was tired is rather obvious on the picture above, but at least I had the chance to wear my red silk dress from Designer's Remix that has been hanging in my closet for about 8 months, love the bow on the front and I thought it looked good together with my beloved Chanel bag.
I can recommend the mussels, so yummy!
Regular source of amusement during the summer, trying on each others sunglasses! I thought Louise looked great in Mr.'s and mine suited Ari, especially with his outfit.
En route to our apartment for after dinner cocktails, it was a lovely evening but I was so tired around midnight I went to bed in spite of us having guests, but we will be see much more of those guys on our European road trip.
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29 July 2012

What I have done today

Mr. and I have spent the whole day packing, everything from diving and surfing equipment, cooking and camping utensils and not to forget, clothes. I find that the earlier I get started, the less I feel compelled to bring, and I quite enjoy packing as it makes me feel that I am really on my way.

I will bring the computer and am hoping to find some wifi along the way to share photos from southern Europe so I hope you will check in also after we leave on Thursday, 4 days left to go!
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25 July 2012

The confessions of a bibliophile: a visit from the goon squad

Micol from http://themarcystop.blogspot.com/ recommended this book and always happy to try a new writer I picked it up a week ago. It is interesting to read contemporary literature picturing the current dependence on social l media and technology, and it provided interesting future perspectives if the development continues in the same rate.

I was laughing quite a bit at the slide journal, reminded me of the boy in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close of one of my favourite contemporary authors Jonathan Safran Foer, but more about that another time.
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23 July 2012

Take me out tonight

Mr. was working Saturday, and as it was a beautiful night we decided to go out for dinner, I guess everyone had the same idea so we ended up walking around the old part of town looking for a place but it turned out to be a lovely walk so we really didn't mind.

Malmö can be lovely, old houses, flowers blossoming and people our enjoying the sun. I was wearing this weeks sale bargain, a white dress from Rodebjer that I belive I will get along with excellently in hot southern Europe in 11 days.

Found a vintage shop I had not seen before, there seems to be plenty of them popping up lately, got to love recycling!

Bag - Chanel, earclips - Marni at H&M, cardigan - Designer's Remix Collection, sunglasses - Komono, flipflops - Ted Baker
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19 July 2012


The summer is wasting away with rainy weather and Mr. is working around the clock, which unfortunately left me alone in town with the sales. I have been acting a bit like a shopaholic lately and have decided I need to limit myself to a shopping budget.

It can be hard to be a sustainable shopper and it is always tempting to go after current trends. I do, however, try to buy clothes that will last season after season also when shopping high street. It is no use thinking that ‘it is only H&M and costs nothing’ if one only ends up using it for a couple of months. Just the other day I decided not to buy the perfect summer dress: lace patterned in neon, peplum and open back and it looked so good on, but I have an inkling that we will have seen too many peplums by next summer and neon will probably not stick around too long. It is not that I am a slave to fashion but one has to admit that some trends just go from looking good to being odd in a very short time.

It is an odd society that encourages consumption to such a high extent, I have heard people voice the opinion that it is easier to buy new rather than to wash! We have to admitt that the blogworld encourages the same behaviour, and not to be moralising, but I will definetely try to be better at sustainable shopping.
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17 July 2012

Sweet treats

I always crave sweets when I am sick, not much food but sweets. I got some dark chocolate and roasted cacao nibs, it is good to buy pretty candy because I don't want to ruin the package and hence no calories are consumed.

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Lula play

I love Lula, it is really an amazing magazine with so much more than 'just' fashion, and the spring edition also came with an insert that I found brilliant.

I especially appreciate the line 'We are working to tackle the things that are currently putting woman off...a culture which prizes thin over healthy'. I would take fit over skinny any day, I have lost some weight lately but am currently focusing on toning my body with exercise rather than dieting.

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16 July 2012

Home sick

The weekend has been hectic as usual, Mr. has been working overtime all weekend and I have been holding the fort at home. We had friends over, planned our summer holiday and felt sick and tired. 
Today I am home sick from work and have started some DIY projects from bed, as I am no longer able to wear earrings so I am doing my best to turn them into clip-earrings instead.

My bijouterie storage currently consists of deer horns and an Ittala bowl on my dresser, but at least I have sorted out enough earrings to make it work.

Let's hope my DIY works out so I will get more options as I have really missed earrings as an accessory. Ear-clips more or less limits one to vintage, which is lovely but slightly limiting, although I love this lovely pair I found in Copenhagen last week. My favourite necklace from Mafia broke a couple of months ago, and Mr. had the idea of fixing it y hanging the teeth on a safety pin, however, I am not sure if the mix of steel and bronze but he liked the punky look, any thoughts?

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12 July 2012

YSL Arty Ring

I have already decided what I will buy as a souvenir this vacation, I don’t buy knick-knacks but try to find something beautiful that I will actually use. This summer I am purchasing the item every single fashion blogger already possesses, the Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ring.

I love chunky statement pieces, the only problem will be to decide which one, I love colour but none of the colours available have captured me yet, those are lovely though.

I do love the black-gold variety, but it appears to be sold out online so maybe just plain black, good I still have three weeks to think about it.


Any thoughts?
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11 July 2012

Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama

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Sophie Hulme

How amazing is not this bag by Sophie Hulme? Such a simple design yet intricate, I guess that is what makes it such a stunning piece. 

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10 July 2012

My calendars

I love diaries, I keep my own and one on the refrigerator for me and Mr. I usually buy a photo calendar from Ordning&Reda, my store of choice for stationary, but instead of family photos I cut out fitting images from Elle and I have lovely fashion to look at.

I took photos of my calendar to make my first gif, so I am sorry about the bad quality, promise to get better till next time.
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09 July 2012

Going to the beach

Sunday was beautiful and we decided to go to the beach. We skipped the crowded beaches in town and went back to the beach we visited a couple of weeks ago.
Frank was there, staying in her basket to begin with afraid of the dirty outdoors. 

All of a sudden thick fog rolled in, but it disappeared almost as fast as it came and people kept going and pretended like nothing.

 As usual, Frank did not want to go home, she was cranky and did not want to be carried or walk in her leach. 

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07 July 2012

What I've done today

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