23 June 2012

Scandinavian summer

 Today is a public holiday in Sweden, we felt like doing something but everything were closed so we decided on an excursion, to leave town and go to the beach in Skanör. Frank was of course coming with us in her travel basket.

 I am wearing the dress from H&M and the pastel cardigan from Designer's Remix that are getting some good milage this summer.

Frank and I are excited!

Frank was a bit reluctant to get out of her basket at first, although when we were leaving it was, as always, very difficult to catch her as she does not wish to leave.

If there only been less windy and some degrees warmer it had been bikini weather, but it is still nice just to get some fresh air and read the morning paper by the sea.

We were getting hungry and stopped for Swedish staple food; fresh fried herring with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam, might sound odd but it is delicious. 

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