06 June 2012

On Instagram lately

I love Instagram; one can get insight to the whereabouts and activities of friends and family as well as updates from fashion houses and magazines. I think I am on the verge of deleting my Facebook account and just keep Instagram, the former has fulfilled its purpose.

This is Frank on a BBQ in the park, she hated it at first but then refused to go home. Then we are heading to the beach and I got to use my antique boater for the first time.

Frank was with us and insisted on sitting in Mr.’s lap while he was driving, she loves him so much more than she loves me but she also sat with me for a while.

Mr. tried to introduce Frank to candy necklaces; she doesn’t like things around her neck but loved the flavour. I bought Lula on the station and had a lovely commute Monday morning.


We picked up our new car yesterdy, but I still posted my new shoes on Instagram, I guess we all have our priorities. Mr. posted the car we got for my niece and was slightly annoyed when it attracted more likes than his new wheels.
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