16 June 2012


I went to the hairdresser Friday afternoon, I think it is so hard to come up with haircuts as I have been a hair model for several years and have no imagination when it comes to hair styles.

My friend Rebecka is cutting my hair, and in between the wine and the chat we landed on a style and I am so happy to be rid of the straight bangs before the summer.

 I did not have a definite plan but ended up with something cut and asymmetrical, less hair which is nice and Mr. liked it which is good.
Sorry about the mess, we are in the middle of cleaning and patting Frank. My dress is from H&M and the necklace from Marni at H&M.

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  1. Vet du vad det knäppaste av allt är?
    Att jag såg en tjej på stan i fredags som jag tyckte var så lik dig, men bestämde mig för att det inte kunde vara du eftersom jag ju visste att du inte hade en sådan asymetrisk frisyr, eftersom jag precis läst bloggen på morgonen.
    Oh well :)

    1. Vad lustigt! Kanske var det i klänningen ovan eller senare på kvällen? Vad synd att vi inte råkades!

  2. Beautiful! I love it. You look sublime in your blue dress too!


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