14 June 2012

The confessions of a bibliophile

I love to read, while at the university that was my favourite thing with the summers, the freedom to read anything I wanted. I read every night before going to sleep and on my commute and usually read about three days per month. 
I am rather nerdy about it, I keep a book diary and usually have a couple of different books going and these are some of my favourites from this year.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being is amazing, Milan Kundera has obviously been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature on several occasions and I cannot see why he has not been awarded it yet, guess the committee are too busy finding more Swedes to give it to. The book uses the old concept of narrating the same story from different persons, but without ever being a cliché. 

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is a classic, and as it circles around a trial I find it particularly interesting as a lawyer. It is also amazing that it is picturing the 60's as it seems so antiquated, yet it is not so long ago, but I guess sadly some things never change.

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  1. Och inte att förglömma... vilka otroligt vackra omslag.

    Jag brukar läsa en blogg som heter Bokskadad, hon lägger upp fina omslag med jämna mellanrum och jag kan sitta och dregla över dem som andra dreglar över... skor, kanske?

    1. Bokskadad...det måste jag kola pup, jag älskar böcker som en sang bibliophil. Jag har två bokhyllor, en i vardagsrummet och en i ett rum bakom köket (omgjord kökstrappa) och böckerna måste så att säga kvalificera för att få placers i den förstnämnda.

  2. I had to read to kill a mocking bird when i was in high school and because it was forced upon me, i didnt even read it, i dont even remember what i was about but i do love to read :) Thats great that you read every night, would love to start doing that.

    Great blog!

    Hope you stop by my blog as well :)

    Figure Of Chic.

    1. You should read it, it really is good enough for them to try to force it on students :)

      And i will definitely check out your blog, thanks for the tip!

  3. Hi, love! Great post!
    I am hosting a giveaway on my blog, you are invited to participate!


  4. As a fellow avid reader I really love this post! To Kill a Mockingbird is definitely one of my favorites as well. A new book I really loved that you should check out is called "A Visit from the Goon Squad".
    Great blog. Just followed you on Bloglovin!
    xx, micol


    1. Thank you so much for the tip, I have heard about the novel you mentioned and I will definitely read it! I do love discussing books with other readers, but no one around here has been willing to start a book circle.

  5. Replies
    1. Great, we can give each other tips then!

  6. I love to read too!thanks for the tip.

  7. Harper Lee är ju en klassiker som jag redan slukat men Kundera har jag kvar att upptäcka. Ska definitivt spana in.

    Och du, jag är en boktönt jag med. Har hållit mig med en läsjournal sedan lågstadiet. Har du sett den här sidan förresten?


    Oj så skoj för oss bokmalar. :)

    1. Du ska definitivt läsa Kundera, och vad kul att ha gamla läsjournaler! jag började eftersom jag började läsa böcker för andra gången utan att först inse det :)

      Och tack för tipset ovan, det var en intressant sida för oss bokmalar.


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