29 June 2012

Sunny Thursday

During such a horrible so called 'summer' one needs to make use of every ray of sunshine, so last night after work we got changed and walked to a pub to meet up with some friends. We were sitting outdoors and when it got colder there were heaters and blankets, us Scandinavians are weird that way.

I had dressed warm in a 7 year old dress from H&M and a blazer from Designer's Remix, add to that my earrings from Marni at H&M and my Chanel bag.
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28 June 2012

Baking in pink

My secondment is coming to an end next week, and in true Danish tradition I am to bring cake so last night was spent baking and doing my best to perfect the recipe I tried a couple of weeks ago. I love baking, it is something so relaxing a therapeutic about it and especially when the cakes are so pretty.
My dress is from Designer's Remix, the belt and tights from H&M and my watch from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

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27 June 2012

Pastel Wednesday

It seems that pastel is setting the theme for this summer rather than neon, I love neon but the former is easier to wear at work. 
Yesterday I was visiting animal stables for experimental animals and was wearing an overall and boots, so today it's time for pencil skirt and heels. At least I was happy to see that the living standard for the animals was good and it was fun to pat all happy pigs and dogs. The bunnies were too scared unfortunately.

The skirt is yet another bargain from H&M's sale, I love the lime coloured, three-dimensional  polka dots. The cardigan has been in almost every post here on the blog lately, funny I was not sure whether it would match anything in my wardrobe. The shoes are from Prada and my bracelet is made from seashells found in Mexico.

I wanted to take a Dr. Evil photo with Frank but I am not good at looking serious.

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25 June 2012

On my reading list

My reading at the moment, cannot wait till we leave in the beginning of August, it will be a lot of driving but it will be nice to be in full control of our itinerary. 

39 days to go!

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24 June 2012

8 years engaged

Thursday 24 June 2004 was a rather tumultuous day, on this day Mr very spontaneously asked me to become Mrs. We had just started dating and it was not planned, but that made the memory so much more dear to me.
So it was today eight years since we got engaged, and I have never doubted my decision of saying yes to marrying Mr.

Admittedly not the best picture, this is just a photo of our albums from the time of our engagement. So young, I in t-shirts and jeans and Mr. dressing like a skater, times has changed.
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23 June 2012

Scandinavian summer

 Today is a public holiday in Sweden, we felt like doing something but everything were closed so we decided on an excursion, to leave town and go to the beach in Skanör. Frank was of course coming with us in her travel basket.

 I am wearing the dress from H&M and the pastel cardigan from Designer's Remix that are getting some good milage this summer.

Frank and I are excited!

Frank was a bit reluctant to get out of her basket at first, although when we were leaving it was, as always, very difficult to catch her as she does not wish to leave.

If there only been less windy and some degrees warmer it had been bikini weather, but it is still nice just to get some fresh air and read the morning paper by the sea.

We were getting hungry and stopped for Swedish staple food; fresh fried herring with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam, might sound odd but it is delicious. 

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22 June 2012

Friday in colours

I am so glad it is Friday, in Sweden everyone is off due to the midsummer celebrations but unfortunately not in Denmark so I am heading to work.
The skirt is one of the skirt bargains from H&M mentioned here, I love that the fabric and the pleats have a quality similar to paper which gives a lovely shape. The cashmere cardigan is from Designer's Remix and the platform wedges and bracelet from ASOS.

Frank decided she wanted to be a part of the photo, but when I tried to pick her up she got shy and ran away, that is why I am wobbling around on high heels in the living room. 

By the way, any one got any suggestions for a lamp to the living room? he red IQ lamp is only a temporary solution but I have difficulties trying to find something I like, considered a Random light but they feel too omnipresent.

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21 June 2012

Tall Thursday

I wish summer would begin, still feels more like spring. Today I am off to meetings at work, I am wearing a white dress and a dangly necklace from H&M’s Conscious Collection, a jacket from Tiger of Sweden and my beloved Prada-heels. I do not wear those shoes often enough, maybe because I tower over most men (also in Sweden) in those shoes and people look at me in slight disbelief, but I don’t mind being tall.
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20 June 2012

I need a vacation

I am exhausted, I have been studying hard and have been stressed for weeks. Unfortunately I do not really have any notion whether I passed of failed, we all agreed the questions were rather difficult and we were very pressed for time. 

I really need a holiday, we have not really been travelling since Mexico in January, I am sorry for complaining but I am just counting down the days till our vacation in August. 

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19 June 2012

Exams and bunnies

I am about to leave for a bar exam in Denmark, I am meeting my colleagues at the Copenhagen central station at 8 and I am rather nervous about taking this examination in Danish which is a huge handicap for a Swede.

In the meantime I will leave you with some photos of Frank.

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