28 December 2012

Highway 1

We left early Thursday morning for San Fransisco and were taking the scenic route. Highway 1 is not the most direct route but goes past amazing scenery and nature and it was definitely worth the detour.

We stopped to see the frisky sea elephants fighting over the women, such weird creatures.

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27 December 2012

San Luis Obispo - Tuesday and Wednesday

As usual I have fallen behind on my posts, I find it hard to keep up when traveling so I will cover
On Tuesday Trine brought us to Monte de Oro to go hiking.
I might be one of the first to hike up Valencia peak in a red vintage cape.

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20 December 2012

San Luis Obispo - Monday

Monday morning we set out to see the town with our lovely guide Trine, here in front of her house.

First stop was two wineries, nice as it is mostly two of my favourite grapes that are grown here; zinfandel and pinot noir.

I was wearing two of the bargains from the day before, hot pink Converse and stripes from Ralph Polo Lauren.
Then Trine showed us around town and the most notable sights, such as these walls full of chewing gum where I made a contribution consisting of my cinnamon gum.

Next was the natural hot springs which was amazing, and trust me not as yellow and dirty looking as depicted below.

So next we ended up at Trader Joe's wet and half dressed to pick up groceries for dinner and we felt like a bit of a spectacle.

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